impact + outcomes

impact + outcomes

2016 Outcomes

98% of VPK students passed the VPK assessment.  All but one student received 100%.

The VPK Assessment includes progress monitoring measures in print knowledge, phonological awareness, mathematics and oral language/vocabulary areas that are aligned with the Standards for Four-Year Olds. 

Ages and Stages Questionnaire

our goal is 85% passing, in 2016, 90% passes the ASQ.

The ASQ-3 is a series of 21 parent-completed questionnaires designed to screen the developmental performance of children in the areas of communication, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem solving, and personal-social skills. 

success stories

De’Yon Reddick

De’Yon Reddick came to A Brighter Community when he was 3 years of age, at that time he struggled to get along with his peers, the ability to demonstrate that he understood the work being provided to him, and the ability to self-regulate. In turn, De’yon struggled with the things that he needed most to be successful in his education.  However, with the help of the staff here at A Brighter Community and De’yons’ mother and grandparents we were able to all get on the same page with him about the importance of his education, which helped us to devise a plan to get him on track. De’yon is now doing well and making good strives toward the success of his education. De’yon improved so much that he has learned how to read, which is amazing.  Great job De’Yon

Falinka Chery

My name is Falinka Chery.  I was born in Gonzives, Haiti and came to the United States with my parents when I was only 2 years old.  Haitian-Creole was my first language until I was about 3 year old when I started to attend A Brighter Community (2001).  People do not often realize the challenges immigrants endure.  As a child, I had to learn to make new friends in a different place where no one understood me and I did not understand them.  To be frank, little kids can be mean to someone who is different.  Thankfully, the staff at A Brighter Community made my transition easier for me.  Ms. Maxine and the rest of the staff were extremely patient with me.  Ms. Maxine taught me valuable language skills that demonstrated being able to speak two languages was a gift not a burden.  After much practice, I was finally able to speak, read and write in both languages.
I am now a student at Florida State University.  My future plans are to attend medical school and become an OBGYN.  I owe my love for education to A Brighter Community and will forever be grateful to the staff for not giving up on me. 
Thank you.

Marc-Henley Pierre

Marc-Henley came to A Brighter Community on March 29, 2017 from Haiti.  At that time he could not speak or understand English, which made his transition difficult. His parents tried to help him with learning English but they spoke so little that they were not much help. The staff at ABC has worked diligently with Marc-Henley and his parent.  Working together as a unit, the Pierre family’s progress soared. Marc-Henley and his parents are now speaking English and understand the language quite well. Marc-Henley has also learned a fourth of his first 100 sight words, which is a huge accomplishment based on his prior three months. Marc-Henley will be leaving our program in August 2017 and I am confident that he is ready for the next level of his education. With the funding from the Spurlino grant, A Brighter Community was able to help Marc-Henley and his families transition easier as it allowed them the ability to receive a scholarship for the program, which allowed Marc-Henley to attend full time and gain the skills that he needed to be successful as his parents looked for work.


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