Board Members


2017 Board of Directors


John Patierno – President
Banking - PNC Bank

I believe in the importance of giving back to our community.  That is why I have devoted my time to A Brighter Community, a non-profit preschool in Tampa.  I want to help economically and environmentally at risk children build a foundation for future success.  As a parent you quickly realize the importance of your child’s development early in life; and the impact that it has on the child’s long term potential.  Through volunteering on the school’s board, I will help make a difference in these young lives; So that they may have an equal opportunity to succeed despite the challenges they face day to day.

Amye Bailey – Vice President
Construction - DPR Construction

My mother dedicated her life to community service in a variety of ways and she inspired in me the desire to do the same. My particular interest lies in children’s education and A Brighter Community satisfies an essential need in Tampa for the enrichment of the lives of the preschoolers and families it serves. Expanding my involvement as an ABC board member allows me the opportunity to fully understand all aspects of the organization and offer my assistance and support to help ensure ABC’s continued growth and success.

Josh McCoy – Treasurer
CPA - Rooms to Go

I believe early education is beneficial for children in order to help them be successful in their school years, which in turn provide opportunities for the children to be successful in their adult lives.  The cost of early education should not be a barrier for any parent wanting their child to have a head start on their education.  This is why I enjoy serving on the board of A Brighter Community.  I am glad to be a part of an organization that is working to make a difference in many children’s lives.

Ashley Stimatz – Secretary
Assistant Vice President of Community Engagement - GTE Financial

I am honored at the opportunity to be a part of the board for A Brighter Community. I believe in the importance of giving back to our local communities and am passionate about helping our youth. Early education is crucial to aid the children become successful in their academic careers and into adulthood as well. It is my hope that by volunteering on this board, I will have a positive impact of the lives of the children and their families.

Chamain Moss-Torres, Ph.D.
Early Childhood Education / Nonprofit - The Children’s Home

I embraced the opportunity to serve as a member of the A Brighter Community, Inc. Board of Directors because it allowed me to utilize my talents to support a preschool that is rich in community history, focused on education and family support and dedicated to the well being of its students. By serving, I have the ability to participate in programming first had and observe the tremendous impact that A Brighter Community, Inc. has on the children and families in which it serves.

Robin Delaney
Finance – Greenleaf Financial

I am a Board member because I believe that education is the way out of poverty and that early intervention is needed in order for children of disadvantaged families to break free of the cycle of poverty. The mission of A Brighter Community, as practiced by the staff and embodied in the curriculum, is consistent with that idea. I feel that I can help by raising funds for this cause and lending support in any way that I can.

Pat Grosz, RN, Phd
Positive Family Partners

The provision of quality early care and education benefits families, our community, and the country. A Brighter Community preschool supports children with developmentally appropriate curriculum and provides the positive social emotional base that impacts children's future relationships as family members and citizens. I like being a part of this work to ensure successful futures for children.

Jason Edwards
Portfolio Manager - The Bank of Tampa

Erika Cirak
Portfolio Manager - The Bank of Tampa

Investing in children is one of the most important things we can do to set them up for future success. As part of ABC's Board, I hope to make a difference in the lives of families who understand and embrace the mission of A Brighter Community.

Non-Voting Advisory Board

Tammy Ferrell
Trust/Banking  - Citizens Bank & Trust

“These are all our children and we will either profit or pay for whatever they become” -James Baldwin. This quote represents why I support and promote A Brighter Community. There are many children right here in our community that are economically and/or emotionally challenged. They will start school well behind more fortunate children and chances are they will never catch up. Because of the education and family programs that at A Brighter Community provides, the children of ABC will learn and be ready to start school with a great chance in life. Our community will profit for what they become.

Michael Burman
Information Technology - Warren Averett Technology Group

Being a part of A Brighter Community allows me to utilize my personal strengths to improve the lives of an incredible group of people... The children of Tampa. It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. In today's "village" most of us are separated into our own worlds. A Brighter Community is making a tremendous differnece to provide the missing "village" for these children so that they can have an opportunity to grow and flouroush in ways that their parents, alone, might not have been able to have provided. It is an honor to be able to help these children!