Success Stories


Mathew’s Story

Mathew is a three-year-old student at A Brighter Community.  His mother enrolled him into the 3 Year Old Class in hopes that he would obtain a firm educational foundation in a stable and safe environment prior to entering into kindergarten.  Mathew’s mother, Francis, has been a long time supporter of A Brighter Community since her oldest daughter, Mariah, graduated from the Voluntary Pre-K classroom in 2005.

During the first few months of Mathew’s enrollment, the staff at A Brighter Community began to notice that he often displayed an angry disposition and that he had a difficult time controlling his anger, this in turn was interfering with his capability to focus and to be successful in the classroom. This was also interfering with his ability to maintain positive peer relationships.  During this time, his mother lost her job. ABC’s Family Support Coordinator met with Francis to discuss Mathew’s behavior, as well as, how the lack of employment was affecting this family. She discovered that Mathew had started seeing his father on the weekends and this was in turn having an adverse effect on him during the school week.

Francis said that she had been working as a personal trainer since she had been let go from her full-time job.  While this was helping to maintain her family, without a full-time job she was having difficulty meeting her monthly financial obligations. ABC’s Family Support Coordinator developed a budget with Francis and for a period of 60-days was able to reduce Mathew’s weekly tuition to $23.00.  This ensured that Francis could afford the tuition and Mathew could remain enrolled in the program.  ABC’s Family Support Coordinator with the assistance of the Administrative Service Organization was also able to provide the family with two months of their mortgage payment and assist Francis in her search for employment.

ABC’s Family Support Coordinator also discussed the possibility of enrolling Mathew in the Play Therapy program offered through A Brighter Community. Francis felt this was a nice opportunity to help in the development of positive coping skills and agreed to this plan. Mathew continues to work on obtaining the tools to develop more appropriate ways to express his feelings. He will be advancing to the Pre-K 3/4 class in the fall and he is so excited about this move.

Francis has also seen her fair share of success, after being unemployed for five months, she was able to secure a position with the Coca-Cola Company and has now been there for approximately five months.

Thanks to the stability and support that A Brighter Community offers, this family was able to remain secure during a financially insecure time and they were able to receive the assistance they needed in order for Mathew to gain the skills to be successful at home and in a classroom.