Success Stories


Jordan’s Success Story

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be homeless without a sense of direction or even knowing what the next day will bring?  Jordan knows this feeling all too well.  Jordan came to A Brighter Community (ABC) when he was 3 years old.  Before coming to ABC, Jordan had been in and out of several foster homes.  He even spent time on the streets homeless with his mother and sister.  Fortunately, his mother found help at Metropolitan Ministries housing for women.  They in turn introduced them to A Brighter Community.  
When Jordan came to ABC he was lost.  He was unable to function in the same setting with the other students his age.  Jordan was detached from the world because of all he had been through in his short life.  Jordan would not make eye contact with anyone.  He would not speak, show emotions or play with the other students.  As a result of his behavior, Jordan developmentally did not have the social and emotional, fine motor or behavioral skills he should of had for his age. 
A Brighter Community’s staff worked tirelessly to get Jordan to learn the skills that he needed to be able to function in the classroom.  Over time, Jordan began to become comfortable with his teachers and started to come out of his shell.  He started interacting with the other students.  He started talking with the teachers and answering questions that he typically would not answer.  Jordan will now look directly at you when you speak to him.  He acknowledges your presence.  He is currently developmentally on level for his age despite everything he has been through. 
Jordan has been able to overcome most of his problems.  He still occasionally struggles with a few issues that the ABC staff continues to work on with him.  However his progress he has been remarkable.  He is like a new boy.  Jordan now has a chance at a brighter future due to the patience, love and tireless dedication from the teachers and staff at A Brighter Community.